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Username: Last Face
Date Joined: Jun 2nd 2016
Last Online: Mar 27th 2017


League Name Team Name Date Joined
Summer Season Pro League #2Final LossJun 2nd 2016
/r/Halo 1Slay All DayJun 2nd 2016
Open League Feel free to joinHot Bod SquadJun 2nd 2016
/r/halo 2Hot Bod SquadJun 2nd 2016
/r/halo 3Hot Bod God SquadJun 9th 2016
/r/haloslay all daySep 14th 2016
HCS Redditkids clubSep 14th 2016
Fans Of Any Team Other Than E6kids clubSep 14th 2016
ASTRO Spartans Halo World Championship 2017 Finalsastro plsMar 24th 2017