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Username: DizFoRDanny
Date Joined: Jun 2nd 2016
Last Online: Nov 5th 2016


League Name Team Name Date Joined
Dircord LeagueBogger Bad BoysJun 2nd 2016
Dorito BreathDey took er jobsJun 2nd 2016
eSports ObjectiveThe GeeseJun 2nd 2016
Try AgianJun 2nd 2016
eSportspediaCheese GromitJun 4th 2016
FANTASY HCS = SCAMGinger PowerJun 11th 2016
The Analyst's Office (EU)Powerpuff GirlsSep 15th 2016
LG supportersDinkleberrySep 15th 2016
Twitter HCS community Lethul's GrandmaSep 15th 2016
Fans of EnvyusLethul's Pink SlippersSep 15th 2016
The Rejects from C-teamT2 High AgainSep 16th 2016