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Username: Dimple
Date Joined: Jun 1st 2016
Last Online: May 24th 2017


League Name Team Name Date Joined
Join If You Think OpTic Will Go 0-14Jun 1st 2016
CummiesJun 2nd 2016
The champions league Jun 2nd 2016
EU League?Jun 2nd 2016
NV FanscontraJun 2nd 2016
Sikk Gaming HCSDaddy SnackbitesJun 2nd 2016
The Analyst's Office (EU)Dimples TeamSep 13th 2016
LUL what's radarDimples NA teamSep 13th 2016
Too Serious?sSkeptaDec 6th 2016
UGC St. Louis FantasysSkeptaJan 19th 2017
ASTRO Spartans UGC St. Louis FantasyJan 21st 2017
ASTRO Spartans London Fantasyeu boyzFeb 17th 2017
ASTRO Spartans Halo World Championship 2017 FinalsGOATSMar 24th 2017
The Bird's NestDimple AKA sSkeptaMay 24th 2017