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Gfinity London Competition

Posted on Feb 17th 2017 - By: Freud

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be having a special Fantasy HCS competition for the Gfinity London competition, with Astro-sponsored prizes! Read below to learn the rules and format:


  • You will select four members from the top teams competing to add to your roster.
  • You will be allowed to select only one player from each team.
  • Rosters will lock Friday night before the main bracket matches begin, and they will remain locked throughout the rest of the tournament. This means you will keep the same roster throughout the tourney.
  • Normal fantasy scoring is in effect. Read up on how fantasy scoring works.
  • Player scores will accumulate each series they play. This means that teams who advance farther will play more series, and their players will likely earn more points.
  • As a result of the double-elimination bracket, the team that will actually play the most series is the team that qualifies for the Grand Finals through the Losers’ Bracket. To reward the team and players who qualify through the Winner’s Bracket, bonus points (via a 1.25x multiplier) will be applied for those players during the Grand Finals (including a bracket reset if it occurs). Example: Infused makes it to the Grand Finals by winning through the “Winner’s Bracket.” They face Epsilon, who qualified through the Loser’s Bracket, in the Grand Finals. For the Grand Finals series, all Infused players will earn 1.25x the normal amount of fantasy points.
  • The user with the highest fantasy score at the end of the tourney will be our grand prize winner! In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen by random draw.


Sounds pretty awesome, right? Here’s how you join:


  • Create a Fantasy HCS account (if you haven’t already done). Register here free.
  • Go here to join the Astro competition:
  • Create your team and name it.
  • That’s it! Your team will now compete against all other teams entered in the competition. Good luck!