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Freud's Finals Advice

Posted on Dec 9th 2016 - By: Freud

Pick 2!

No, this isn't an ad for McDonalds. Here at FantasyHCS, we're opening up the rules a bit in celebration for the HCS Fall Finals. You now have the option to pick up to two players from each team, instead of just one. There's other unique rules for this competition that you should read up on, but it mostly boils down to this question: Which players do you think will make it the farthest in the Finals bracket? Answer that question correctly, and you'll be in prime position to land at the top of your league.

Here's the thing, though: This might be tougher to predict than you'd think. Teams and players look differently on LAN compared to online, and we don't have many LAN stats to look at. For this column, I'll be looking at each of the four teams and recommending two players that I think are the best bets from that organization. It's up to you to decide who you want to choose for finals.


Optic Gaming

Royal 2


These two probably won’t come as a surprise to you. Royal 2 has been a top fantasy performer for two straight seasons now, largely because of his insane slaying powers. He shows up online and on LAN. His KD against Liquid this season: 1.37. His KD against Str8 Rippin this season: 1.76. nV is the only potential speed-bump, but it’s worth overlooking considering Royal 2’s potential to explode. Optic also has yet to be dethroned on LAN, so there’s that to consider as well.

Frosty may say he doesn’t like the spotlight, but he sure has a knack for pulling of insane plays when the camera is on him. I’m expecting more of the same this wekend, especially given his superb strongholds gameplay. 


Team EnVyUs



Huke. Just put him on your team. Please. If you’re just now joining the HCS scene, Huke has been the top fantasy performer for two straight seasons, and it’s not even close. This kid has superpowers.

This next pick my surprise you a bit, because his name doesn’t start with “Snipe.” I think Pistola is the other nV player I’d want on my team this weekend. Throughout last season, we saw Pistola’s stats and performances continuing to rise, until he was finally ranking among the top players and over his teammate Snip3down. He demonstrated the rare ability to maintain positive KDs against Optic, and he possesses the rare ability of balancing slaying power with an objective mindset. I think his mature expertise and composure helps lead his team this weekend.


Team Liquid



Do not, under any circumstances, count this team out. Liquid’s power and skill was on full display on LAN in Vegas a few weeks ago, as they beat nV in a series and made it to the grand finals, where they fell after two hard-fought series. Fans will tell you they can beat anyone, and I agree. In most of their big victories, Spartan led the charge with insane play after play. He was the only Liquid player to maintain a positive KD over two series with Optic this pro season, and his competitive spirit and hype levels help motivate his team to perform. He can be a bit of a wildcard, however, so this pick does not come without risk.

The unassuming Penguin also put up big fantasy numbers at various points throughout the last season. His specialty is the Strongholds gametype, where he tends to perform with particularly high KD stats. His scores tend to be a bit more even when compared to his other teammates, making him a lower-risk pick.


Str8 Rippin



This cinderella story just doesn’t want to end, and why should it? Str8 Rippin appeared bound for relegation half-way through the pro season, but an incredible late-season surge saw them steal a playoff spot from Luminosity on the last day of matches. Now they have the opportunity to continue shocking the HCS. A lot of their success will depend on how well player aPG performs this weekend. He’s demonstrated potential to lead his team with dominating performances, but he’s struggled to find consistency. He’s a risky pick (this whole team is, imo), but what’s fantasy halo without a little risk?

Now it’s time for my favorite sleeper pick of the finals tournament: Eco. This kid does not get enough credit for the smart play and clinical skill he brings to his team. He was the only player on Str8 to manage a positive (and impressive) KD against Optic across their two matches at 1.32. It was after his addition to the Str8 Rippin squad that the team began to see real improvement and positive results, and that was no coincidence. Don’t be surprised if he turns a lot of heads this weekend.


That’s it for the season! Thanks again for reading. Feel free to tweet us your own fantasy predictions at @FantasyHCS, or you can tweet me directly at @aFreudianTrip. Shoutout to stat-tracker Sparrow for the numbers! I’ll see you at worlds ;)