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The Fantasy HCS Scoring System

Posted on May 30th 2016 - By: Freud

In Halo Fantasy eSports, statistics matter. We often hear players and casters passionately argue the opposite when discussing the value and performance of different pros, and for good reason. Different players fill different roles, and excellent plays are often uncaptured by the end-of-game KDA. 

But this is Fantasy Halo, and here, statistics are the only thing that matters. So let's get into it, shall we?


How scoring works in Fantasy Halo

A player's overall fantasy score is determined solely by the statistics they put up that week - team wins and losses don't matter. Each week, the pros in your lineup will play two matchups: one on Thursday, and one on Friday. They will earn a fantasy score for each matchup. Each matchup score is an aggregate of their average scores across each gametype in that matchup. Geez, that's a mouthful. Basically, their stats in each game will be converted into fantasy points, which will then be averaged by gametype, providing a fantasy score for each gametype. All three fantasy scores (one for each gametype) are then added together for their overall fantasy score of that matchup. Then the same thing happens the next day, producing two scores for the week.

For example, let's say Pistola plays a total of 2 CTF games, 2 Slayer games, and 1 Stronghold games during his first series on Thursday. His two CTF games fantasy scores are averaged and equal 44 points, his two slayer games are averaged and equal 39, and his one stronghold game equals 28. His overall fantasy score for Thursday would equal 111 FP (fantasy points). The same thing happens the next day (on Friday) during his second matchup for the week, and this time he gets 95 FP. For the week, Pistola now has 206 FP. The same process also happens for the other three pros you picked for your team that week, and that gives you your overall team score, which you then can compare to all the suckers in your league who picked lesser players.

That's the main gist of how this all works. Just remember: every gametype score is averaged, and those three averages give you your overall player score for that series. Add both series together for the week, and boom: weekly fantasy score.

Ok, that's great Freud... but I need more specifics! I need to know exactly how each statistic is scored so I can expertly pick players based upon overall KDA and flag captures and-- Let me stop you right there. I got you, boo. Keep scrolling down.


Scoring by Gametype


Capture the Flag

Stats Fantasy Points
Kills +3
Assists +1
Deaths -2
Flag Captures +6
Flag Kills +2
Flag Grabs +2
Flag Returns +3
Flag Carrier Kills +2



Stats Fantasy Points
Kills +3
Assists +1
Deaths -2
Stronghold Captured +1
Stronghold Secured +1
Stronghold Defense +1



Stats Fantasy Points
Kills +4
Assists +1.5
Deaths -2 

**Note that Slayer KDA values are different than other gametypes.


And that's it! Please note that, as this is our inaugural "beta" fantasy season, these score values and systems may be tweaked at various points. We are still trying to find good balances, and we will be monitoring point values and user feedback throughout the season. Of course, if we do change any values, you all will have plenty of notice.