About Us

Fantasy HCS started from a few lines of code, disorganized excel spreadsheets, and a whole lot of passion for the Halo franchise and community. Our team of four has worked very hard to create this product for the community. We are dedicated to bringing new improvements and features to this site and hope you enjoy it!

Meet The Team

Matt, Vancouver BC (Developer/Designer/Webmaster): I am an IT professional by day and competitive gamer by night. I have been playing Halo since the day CE came out and started to get competitive when XBC blessed us with its presence. I sadly don't have the time I did back then to participate in any of the pro league activities, but I still love all things competitive Halo and support it as much as I can! The Fantasy HCS website is a gift from all of us to everyone who shares our passion for competitive Halo! #WeBack

Gabe, Oregon (Statistics, Content): I started gaming early on and have always had a passion to play games. I was first introduced to Halo CE when it first released and have loved playing Halo games ever since. Through my passion of Halo grew my love for Esports, HCS, and eventually helping create a Fantasy Halo site for the community!

Josh, Oregon (Statistics, Writer): I’m a professional psychologist who can’t get enough HCS. I’ve been a multiplatform gamer since childhood, and I currently enjoy analyzing Halo stats and other game-related writing. When I’m not playing games, you can find me cheering on the Portland Timbers, hiking around the PNW, and buying Costco muffins. Walshy-smile is bae

Special shout-out to: Talented photographer David Doran for the player photos. Follow him @DavidSsandman

Contact Info

Business Inquiries: business@FantasyHCS.com

Support: support@FantasyHCS.com

Twitter: @FantasyHCS